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From the Captain’s Chair

Our President Ron Thomas
We have a great group of Parrot Heads who know how to have fun while raising money for charities!
Here’s your opportunity to be a part of something special & to give something back … to the community, to the environment and to your fellow man.

Parrot Head Officers

  • President / Social Media  –  Ron Thomas

  • Vice President   –  Mike Schuler

  • Secretary/Membership  –  Joanna Scruggs

  • Treasurer/Membership –  Kathy Thompson

  • Members-At-Large –  Kathie Schuler,  Virginia Chambers, Lannie Stahl 

  • Social Committee Chairman –  Virginia Chambers

  • Shirts/Signs/Banners –  Bob Thompson   

  • Decorating Committee Chairman –  Becky Olds

  • Fundraising Committee Chairman –  Virginia Chambers, Traci Sotelo   

Upcoming Events